Why Does Weed Make You Giggly? 

Have you ever taken a nice, deep puff of weed, and then are laughing like crazy? If you’ve ever found something super funny randomly after smoking, you’re not alone. Here, we’ll go over why you laugh when you smoke weed, and this alone can give you ways to properly manage this, so that you’re not just on the ground laughing for hours. 

Good ol’ THC 

THC is probably the number one reason, and when you smoke high THC strains, you’re going to laugh. That’s because THC interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors, which are found within the body and brain. When they bind here, it can create a natural mood boosting, which of course, is code word for laughing like crazy. It’s why you see a lot of people who are laughing like crazy after smoking a bowl. 

CBD may also cause you to laugh, depending on if you naturally respond to the calming nature or not. 

It can be a Reflex 

Some also claim that weed can cause this reflex to happen.  That’s partially because of the interaction of THC on the brain and body, where you can laugh at random stuff, even when there isn’t anything funny for you to laugh at. 

It’s partially due to the way that it impacts your mental state, making you laugh, which is why a lot of people will just laugh at random stuff. 

Some say it’s not easy to control, where they just laugh, and then, they can’t stop laughing.

It might be Making you social 

Thanks to both CBD and THC, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable, where you’ll start to laugh at different things, and talk to others at different social gatherings too. It naturally enhances social interactions, as it gives you a chance to talk to others, express your feelings, and share more stories. It’s great for helping with social anxiety, and it’s partially why many people who are around new people may smoke a little bit to feel better. 

Weed and alcohol 

Then of course, there is weed and alcohol. Alcohol does interact with weed, and sometimes, it makes you laugh.

Some say that alcohol is the one thing that makes them laugh right away, but there are also times that some people may notice that they change the way that they respond when they mix this together.

It naturally helps people feel more at ease too, and these effects soon become more obvious when they smoke weed with this, and it allows people to laugh and come together in happy, effective ways. 

Alcohol and weed can work together, but always be mindful of the effects. 

The Strain 

Finally, you might be laughing due to the strain that you’re consuming. Different strains offer different effects. There are strains that’ll make you laugh, and other ones won’t. 

Some strains that have it are those such as Blue Diesel, Laughing Buddha, and OG Kush, very popular strains that you can try. 

These strains usually tend to have different flavonoids, terpenes, and even cannabinoids too. Depending on the quantities of such, some of these strains might make you laugh a lot more than other strains might.

There are also some strains that make you feel good. If that’s the case, you want to make sure you take some note of this. While some may find it annoying, this can help with taking the edge off.

There are strains that make you laugh, and sometimes, when you laugh, you feel good. Here, you learned the reasons why it happens, and some input on the effects of weed too. 

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