How to Take Cannabis Edibles 

Cannabis edibles are strange, because they go from making you feel like they aren’t doing anything, to making you incredibly and super high. 

How do you know what to take? 

While they’re a great way to enjoy consuming cannabis, you’ve got to be careful. It’s a bit different from just smoking a half gram joint or something similar. 

General tips for Edibles 

The best thing to understand is that well, they should be approached the same way you do with other psychedelics out there.

Because of the strength and length of the high, if there is something wrong, you can’t turn back.  You should start out a bit small and error on the side of too little than too much, since it can mee you super paranoid. 

Another thing is that you want to make sure you do this when you’re in a good mood, that isn’t a troubling mental state, and in a place that won’t be dangerous for you to be high if you get too high. 

You should also understand that if you take in THC, it actually is stronger when it’s digested. This converts into what’s called 11-hydroxy-THC, which is way more potent than just the normal vaping or smoking. 

How long should it Be? 

If you’re worried that you’re not feeling anything, that’s a legitimate fear. Remember that it takes till it’s digested for the effects to kick in, so you should expect it anywhere from a couple of hours, or as little as 20 minutes. In general, it’s about 20-60 minute before the high kicks in. 

If you don’t feel it just yet, hold out. If you’ve been waiting like three hours and don’t feel anything, then it might be time to up the dosage too. 

You probably will notice after a few hours, you will reach the peak of your high, since the body digests all of this. Understand that  you shouldn’t redoes until you know for sure you’ve peaked from this high. 

Why you should Determine edible Potency Effectively

It’s important to be accurate with this. 

You may not realize how powerful these are until much after the fact. 

With the potential for bad and discomforting side effects to come in, and along with the much longer wait time as well, calculating the doses of THC correctly and effectively is vital. You shan’t overestimate because this can make you very uncomfortable if you’re not careful. 

You should also understand that just because they are edibles doesn’t mean that they won’t cause the same effects, but they can make it much stronger. 

Determining potency 

You want to look at the strengths in terms of milligrams of this. 

Usually, you see 10% CBD and 20% CBD but that’s not all you should look at. 

You should understand that the effects come much larger at lower doses. While most people enjoy the feeling of being very stoned when they have weed, because of the concentration of THC at a lower dosage with edibles, it may be overwhelming for some people. 

For those who are newer, lower your expectations, and understand that you may have a tolerance if you smoke, but that isn’t always the case. 

You should also understand that there is also the decarbing that happens with cannabutter. That’s already happened, so you’re getting the pure THC, so be mindful of this. 

Overall, just be smart with the way you have edibles. They’re good but be mindful of the effects. If you know that it’s overwhelming, then try to avoid that or be mindful of the dosage you have. 

The Best Strains of Cannabis For Relieving Stress 

Smoking cannabis is a great way to reduce stress in the body, and this can help us clam our minds down in order to properly unwind. It also lets us look at the bigger picture, while also taking the edge off, providing an extra layer of relief for many people. 

But some strains do this better than others, and it’s something to consider. Here we’ll look at the top stress-relieving strains out there for you to sue. 

This is a feminized strain that has 28% THC, so a lot of this, and it offers a comforting sensation, and it’ll help with your mood, your appetite, and you’ll feel content. 

Cookies Gelato 

This is really good for when you feel guilty doing nothing, and also gets you to look at everything in a more introspective manner. 

It does have a ton of THC, along with rich terpenes, and this is definitely great for extracts and edibles. 

This is also a very easy one to grow, so if you want to test out your green thumb, perhaps give this one a stable. 

Wedding Crasher 

This is another great one to help simmer down the stress to the point where it’s all pretty minor for you. 

This has 21% THC in it, and it can help with soothing the body. It’s got a very bright feeling to it, enough to make you forget about our problems too. 

This has a blanked 55/45 ratio of sativa to indica, which makes it pleasant and balancing out, and it does offer a nice touch to it too. 

It also grows well in most environments, and it definitely offers good yields. 

Purple punch automatic 

This is another one for worry and stress, and it can help take the edge off of your shoulders. 

It’s pretty great because it can help you relax after those high-octane events and meetings. This is one that crosses purple punch with old skunk auto, with a 75% indica in it, and 20% sativa, so it’s pretty good for relaxing. 

It has 19% THC, but it won’t be enough to get you super overboard, but instead helps you relax and gets your thoughts together, and it offers a candy taste to it especially in this indica-dominant type of plant. 

Tantake Pure CBD 

This is aa CBD one that doesn’t have practically any THC within it, so it won’t be enough to get you high, but it’s great for relaxing, and also taking the edge off. 

It’s soothing, and really good for offering functionality even after you consume it. 

It’s great for also building mindfulness too, offering you more joy and whatnot too. 

This has a great profile of terpenes, and a great, unique combo that’ll help you get the most out of life too. 

Royal CBDV 

Finally, this is a CBDV one, and this one is a lot more unique than other types on the list. 

This one has 5% CBDV, 5% CBD, and practically no THC, so it will offer some relaxing effects for you to try. It’s a bit different and it’s a little more synthetic, but it’s a good strain. 

With that said, try some of these, see where they take you, and what’s good for you, so that you can get the most results possible out of your cannabis strain, and work to take the edge off whenever you’re dealing with any bad situation. 

Remember, you don’t have to face all of these problems on your own, but instead, consider cannabis as a treatment for the problems that you may have too.

All about Your Endocannabinoid system 

Marijuana is a major talking point for a lot of people, with more and more supporting marijuana than ever before, and a lot of research being done on their uses and therapy for this. A lot of modern views on this are basically a cry from the hatred of the past, and this attributes to the breakthroughs that are in place on the utilization of marijuana, offering a radial and huge discovery of the endocannabinoid system, along with the effects. But what is the endocannabinoid system? We’ll discuss this here. 

The System at its Core 

Basically, this is a system of different receptors that are found within the body, specifically the nervous system. The receptors are both CB1 and CB2 receptors, and both are found in a variety of places in the body.  

The CB1 receptors originally were assumed to be a part of the brain, while the immune system housed the CB2r receptors.  This has since been disproved by research, since these endocannabinoid receptors are basically all over the place. 

They are basically made up of what’s called trans-membrane protein, which for those us who have no idea what that is that the protein basically binds to the different molecules that are out of the cell wall, sending signals within the cell. The CB1 and CB2 receptors are linked to a ton of vital pathways, and the effects do differ based on the binding of the endocannabinoid to the receptor of choice. 

The Effects 

These effects are seen throughout your body from the mental process to even how you feel physically, and it can help with neurodegeneration, the immunity of your body, and can effect the growing of tumors in the body. 

This is something that’s recently gotten a bunch of research. Some people have found that the CB2 receptors especially in your immune cells, offer a ton of effects, and the effects have grown clearer in some cases. Rheumatoid arthritis and other therapies have since also been discovered as well to benefit from this, along with neuropathy as well. 

These receptors also do have an effect on your mental state too, since it does control the hunger of the body, helps with brain help, and also does help to activate sleep. The pathways can be antagonists to each other, and it can actually impact both the increase and the decrease of the chemicals within your receptors. 

The Future research 

This is something that’s recently progressed a lot in just 80 years. It was isolated all the way back in 1964, and since then, the receptor was later found in 1988 within rats.  Then, in 1993 it was found that other cannabinoid receptors were also discovered, with more and more research offering new treatments and ways to use the system to help benefit a person. 

There is also some research which depicts that some cancers, MS, Parkinson’s, and the like also can benefit, and one study even found that plaque found in Alzheimer’s and also atherosclerosis was also discovered to benefit from the engaging of these receptors. 

Right now though, these systems are still being studied, but what we can extrapolate from this is that the effects are more varied and reach further than before and they target a bunch of different processes, both clinical along with therapeutic, and there are different mechanisms that do work behind the scenes in order to properly control this. 

A lot of people can benefit from it, and we do believe the research is something that’ll also grow immensely as time goes on, and as more people are studying it. 

CBN For Sleep 

Cannabis has hundreds of different cannabinoids in it, but the most popular is usually THC. Another one that a lot of people know is CBD, which is great because it’s got some great healthful results, especially in terms of sleep aids. But one thing that you probably don’t know about is CBN, which is gaining popularity for the possibility of it helping with sleep. But does it? Is it really that good for catching some Z’s? Here’s what we know! 

What CBN Is 

CBN is basically a byproduct of THC, and it happens when it breaks down. Basically, when you have THC, exposing this to air and oxygen, it then experiences something called decarboxylation, and that’s what causes CBN to be produced. You find this in weed that’s aged, especially if the heat and the oxygen have been able to get to this. 

It does interact differently than CBD when it comes to the receptors, and it offers different effects. Some believe that it’s a bit psychoactive because of the THC derivation, but it’s far less, so if you don’t want something that’ll keep you stoned out of your mind, then there you go! CBN tends to cost a bit more, because it’s low in concentrations. 

It can be used mostly for sedative effects, but one thing that’s important to note is despite the fact that it’s been praised for helping with relaxation, the effects of CBN are still not fully known or as widespread, but as more and more people get into it, we may learn more about it. 

So what can it Do For Sleep? 

Well, it depends on the person you’re asking. Some users have mentioned that CBN is great for sleeping, but science has yet to figure this one out, due to the limited effects and research. Both marketers and the retailers in the market definitely do see CBN as a sleep aid but is this a valid claim? 

Those users that are familiar with the way cannabis is sedative definitely also know that CBN does interact with the other terpenes and the cannabinoids to offer the entourage effect. 

Some people do get the benefits from this, and it’s something that some people do believe in because it offers you medicinal properties, and the entourage effect does utilize CBD for these purposes. 

It is possible to get some sleepiness after using this, but it also is likely that you consumed other cannabinoids as well which may be  responsible for feeling tired. 

Linalool, pinene, cedorol, and beta-caryophyllene in particular are some terpenes that are great for sleep. 

If someone is going to use CBN and only CBN, you’re in for a rude awakening on this, as it may not be totally sedating. 

The big thing with CBN is that it’s a minor cannabinoid, so it might not be as good with helping you feel tired and such compared to other terpenes. You can get some terpenes, however, combine them into a formula, and have been able to argue the effects. Essentially, it works best with the other compounds. 

However, they have looked at the way that CBN and THC work together to form sleepiness in people. It’s still new though, and the claims that CBN has are still not totally confirmed, so it’s important to understand that. 

What can we take from this? Right now, it’s simple. If you’re looking to find a new sleep aid, CBN may not be it, but if you combine this with other compounds, or even other terpenes, there is a chance that this may work in your favor for you. 

Why Does Weed Make You Giggly? 

Have you ever taken a nice, deep puff of weed, and then are laughing like crazy? If you’ve ever found something super funny randomly after smoking, you’re not alone. Here, we’ll go over why you laugh when you smoke weed, and this alone can give you ways to properly manage this, so that you’re not just on the ground laughing for hours. 

Good ol’ THC 

THC is probably the number one reason, and when you smoke high THC strains, you’re going to laugh. That’s because THC interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors, which are found within the body and brain. When they bind here, it can create a natural mood boosting, which of course, is code word for laughing like crazy. It’s why you see a lot of people who are laughing like crazy after smoking a bowl. 

CBD may also cause you to laugh, depending on if you naturally respond to the calming nature or not. 

It can be a Reflex 

Some also claim that weed can cause this reflex to happen.  That’s partially because of the interaction of THC on the brain and body, where you can laugh at random stuff, even when there isn’t anything funny for you to laugh at. 

It’s partially due to the way that it impacts your mental state, making you laugh, which is why a lot of people will just laugh at random stuff. 

Some say it’s not easy to control, where they just laugh, and then, they can’t stop laughing.

It might be Making you social 

Thanks to both CBD and THC, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable, where you’ll start to laugh at different things, and talk to others at different social gatherings too. It naturally enhances social interactions, as it gives you a chance to talk to others, express your feelings, and share more stories. It’s great for helping with social anxiety, and it’s partially why many people who are around new people may smoke a little bit to feel better. 

Weed and alcohol 

Then of course, there is weed and alcohol. Alcohol does interact with weed, and sometimes, it makes you laugh.

Some say that alcohol is the one thing that makes them laugh right away, but there are also times that some people may notice that they change the way that they respond when they mix this together.

It naturally helps people feel more at ease too, and these effects soon become more obvious when they smoke weed with this, and it allows people to laugh and come together in happy, effective ways. 

Alcohol and weed can work together, but always be mindful of the effects. 

The Strain 

Finally, you might be laughing due to the strain that you’re consuming. Different strains offer different effects. There are strains that’ll make you laugh, and other ones won’t. 

Some strains that have it are those such as Blue Diesel, Laughing Buddha, and OG Kush, very popular strains that you can try. 

These strains usually tend to have different flavonoids, terpenes, and even cannabinoids too. Depending on the quantities of such, some of these strains might make you laugh a lot more than other strains might.

There are also some strains that make you feel good. If that’s the case, you want to make sure you take some note of this. While some may find it annoying, this can help with taking the edge off.

There are strains that make you laugh, and sometimes, when you laugh, you feel good. Here, you learned the reasons why it happens, and some input on the effects of weed too. 

Medical Cannabis for Menstruation 

If you’re someone who has pain during menstruation, you can actually use THC to help with this. Oils and edibles can offer up to 8 hours of relief, with patches sometimes being used too in order to help with offsetting the pain from cramps. You can also use suppositories or even tampons too that contain low amounts of THC that can help with anything from cramps to other pain. You can also use cannabis oil in tea or coffee to start. 

Endometriosis and Cannabis 

Endometriosis is a pian to deal with—literally. It was found though in a study that was conducted within Australia, women who had endometriosis were aptly able to reduce the pain that they had, and they found relief in vomiting, sleep, and nausea too. 

For PMS 

Another symptom of periods that many women struggle with is the mood swings that come with it, and other pre-menstrual symptoms. These can be quite severe for a lot of women, and they occur prior to the period when it happens.  It was found that almost all of the participants who were able to feel better within two hours of using this.

Migraines especially benefit from this. Some women get migraines during their period because of the hormonal changes. However, though the use of cannabis, they were able to offer fast relief. 

What about Menopause 

Yes, it can help with menopausal symptoms too, including but not limited to night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood issues, hot flashes, and also trouble with sleeping or staying asleep. 

One big thing that menopausal women deal with are night sweats along with hot flashes. THC can naturally help to lower the body temperature. Remember, it targets the ECS, which of course does involve the regulation of temperatures as well in the body. those who use cannabis to help with this feel relief with tinctures within about 20 or so minutes, sometime sooner if they use it quickly, and this lasts up to 4 or more hours in most cases. 

The best way to get instant relief for this though, is through vaping and inhalation. It immediately gets absorbed, and it’s quite fast, offering real means for relief for a lot of people. These are but one of the many ways that cannabis can help. It does offer better relief for all of the symptoms so that you can feel good. 

Remember though, that it works differently for everyone. So some people may benefit from having a little bit, others may struggle with the side effects of cannabis. If you’re looking to possibly get started with this, you should test a few of these out, and find the one that’s best for you. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, you’re not alone. You should talk to a doctor before you start to use this, however. They can not only determine what the best type of prescription to use is, but they also can give you some help if you’re struggling to find the ideal strain. 

There are tons of ways to use cannabis out there, and lots of people do benefit from it. Women who have issues with trying to et the help that they need can benefit from this, as it does work better than a lot of prescription pain meds. Consider using cannabis today, and from there you can choose what kind of proper types of means to take care of yourself will be, and other types of vital aspects that’ll help you get the results that you need. 

You can use cannabis to help manage pain and improve your life.